What is art therapy?

Art as growth, healing and exploration

Sometimes there are no words to convey what you are experiencing. At those times, it can feel safer to express thoughts, emotions and memories through creativity rather than speech. This is where art therapy comes in.

Art therapy can help a person to process their inner world, including their feelings, experiences and unconscious. It can also bring their focus into the present, meaning that they can temporarily let go of the past and future.

Art therapy can create greater wholeness between the different aspects of yourself, for instance, conscious and unconscious, mind and body, feelings and thoughts, and even the left and right parts of the brain. It is a chance to watch our inner selves unfold in front of us and can give us a sense of connection to things bigger than ourselves.

By transforming emotions, thoughts and experiences into art, this kind of therapy can also help us to find greater meaning in our lives.

How does art therapy work?

Art therapy uses various techniques like painting, drawing, pottery, sculpture and collage as therapeutic tools, all overseen by an art therapist.

The process of planning and making art can be deeply healing in itself as it focuses your attention and encourages mindfulness. Also, art therapy can involve working with a therapist to interpret the unconscious meanings behind a work. As a result, you can develop a much deeper, richer and more compassionate understanding of yourself.

What can art therapy help with?

Trauma, anxiety, depression or low mood, stress, eating issues, child & teen issues, self-esteem, psychosis.

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