All-in-one mental health & wellbeing solution

Whole team engagement with mental wellbeing

  • Preventative mental wellbeing approach for your whole team, not just those in need of therapy

  • Support across the complete mental health continuum from self care through to therapy

  • 65% employees use Lumo to stop mental health worries from escalating

Same day access
to therapy

  • Evidence based and science backed therapy with experienced, professional therapists

  • Daytime, evening and weekend sessions available in a range of languages

  • 98% of employees stay with their first matched therapist

We make sure no
one goes unnoticed

  • Weekly wellbeing check in with your whole team

  • Tailored support and therapy sessions for anyone that needs it

  • Anonymised engagement report for HR teams to measure impact and ROI

We help businesses to:

Engage Employees

We’ll work with you to achieve employee engagement of 60% of your colleagues regularly investing their time in maintaining and improving their mental health

Meet diverse needs

We offer the widest range of therapies and self help in the UK so can meet the mental health needs of your whole team, not just those that need therapy

Improve productivity

We’ll help your teams be their happiest, best and most productive selves by focusing on their individual mental health needs

Be preventative

We’ll develop a preventative approach to mental health that helps people stay mentally healthy and not just focus on those that are struggling

Upskill line managers

We’ll work with your line managers and mental health first aiders to enable mental wellbeing and resilience

Improve accessibility

We remove barriers to engagement and make it easy for your teams to engage with their mental health and access therapy

Improve culture

We work with line managers and leaders to help them understand how to foster a supportive, inclusive and mentally healthy business culture

Demonstrate ROI

We’ll help you measure the mental fitness of your teams before we start so you can measure the impact, and return on investment, that we deliver

Make Informed Decisions

We give you deep insights into your teams wellbeing, empowering you to understand the issues and make data informed decisions that make a difference

Real results, real impact
“Lumo Health's mental wellbeing program has been a game changer for our organisation. We've seen a significant reduction in absenteeism and a notable increase in employee satisfaction and productivity.”

Eva Goncalves

Western Europe Head of HR & Wellbeing Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer common questions about workplace culture transformation to educate visitors and address potential concerns.

Still have questions?
What does free access include?

Free access to Lumo services includes full use of our digital wellbeing tools including journaling and goal setting, Lumo Assist, which provides weekly wellbeing check-ins for your whole team and our HR Dashboard which gives you a real time view of mental health across your business.

These tools are designed to engage everyone in improving their mental health, not just those who may need therapy.

Is it really free?

Yes. Completely. There’s no charge to accessing any of the digital tools and resources. We believe that mental wellbeing should be for everyone and not just those with a healthy wellbeing budget.

The only thing you’d need to pay for are therapy sessions if your employees use them.

Can my employees pay for their own therapy?

Yes they can and many do. Our system allows each employee to set up a self pay account which can be used to pay for all of their sessions or those sessions that go above their allowance if you choose to include one.

What's the difference between counsellors and psychologists?

Counsellors and psychologists both provide valuable mental health support but differ in their training and approach.

Counsellors typically focus on providing support and strategies for dealing with current life issues, offering a more short-term, problem-solving approach.

Psychologists have a broader range of training that includes diagnosing and treating mental health disorders with long-term strategies.

Depending on an individual's needs, Lumo connects them with the appropriate professional for the most effective support.

You can find a more in depth article on the difference between counsellors and psychologists here.

What's the difference between EAP (Employee Assistance Program) and Lumo?

While both EAPs and Lumo aim to support employee mental health, Lumo offers a more comprehensive and proactive approach.

EAPs often provide a limited number of therapy sessions and may not include preventative tools. 

Lumo, on the other hand, focuses on both prevention and intervention. Our unique features, like Lumo Active Care and Lumo Assist, encourage ongoing engagement in mental health improvement. 

The HR Dashboard allows employers to monitor and address workplace mental health issues in real-time. Lumo offers flexible pricing plans and a broader range of services, making mental health support accessible to everyone in the organisation, not just those in immediate need.

You can find an in-depth review of EAPs here

How does Lumo support individuals with varying mental health needs?

Lumo tailors support to meet individual needs through a range of services, from preventive digital tools to professional therapy sessions.

Our platform matches individuals with the most suitable type of support, whether that's self-guided tools for those looking to maintain or improve their mental wellbeing or therapy sessions with counsellors or psychologists for those facing more significant challenges.

Our approach ensures that every team member receives the right level of care at the right time.

Read more about our Active Care model here.

Can Lumo integrate with our existing communication tools?

Yes, Lumo is designed to remove barriers to employee engagement by seamlessly integrating with both Microsoft Teams and Slack.

We’ll guide you through the simple set up process and make sure everything’s working smoothly before using these channels to send out Lumo Assist, your weekly wellbeing tracker, which is part of our free access programme.

You can find out more about Lumo Assist here.

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