Getting started with therapy

Is therapy right for me?

Therapy can help with a wide range of common challenges, from stress to depression and anxiety. These are all emotions that we naturally feel from time to time, but they can be troublesome if they have no obvious cause or begin to negatively impact your life.

Some people choose therapy to discuss and address particular challenges, thoughts or behaviours. Others just want time to reflect with the help of someone neutral, or a regular check-in on their health and wellbeing.

There’s no one reason for starting therapy, any more than there’s one type of therapy to suit everyone. But if you think you may need help understanding your mental wellbeing, relationships and yourself, our therapists would be happy to hear from you.

What does therapy involve?

Therapy involves a series of sessions where you can build a relationship with your therapist. The sessions themselves will vary depending on the type of therapy you have. Some therapies are more structured and include practical strategies to use. In other therapies, the therapist may guide the conversation to help you uncover and consider new perspectives.

With Lumo health, your therapy can take any form that fits with your lifestyle, from regular online sessions to a blend of online and in-person.

Therapy FAQs

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