High Engagement

We make it easy for employees to engage

Mental wellbeing through your preferred comms channel 

  • Easy to access mental health support through your everyday channels

  • Reduces barriers and increases employee engagement with your wellbeing strategy

  • Login through Slack or Teams to get the mental health support you need

Web and mobile app for enhanced engagement 

  • Web and mobile app delivers rich, tailored wellbeing experience for all employees

  • Confidential and secure space for therapy insulated from day to day business messaging  

  • Encourages employees to open up about mental health and engage with therapy

Always on guided support for 24/7 expertise 

  • Lumos, our innovative AI support tool provides goal clarification, information and guidance from the Lumo clinical team

  • Powered by the extensive knowledge and experience of our team of clinical psychologists

  • Provides an immediate response to employee queries and concerns which can reduce the need and expense of therapy sessions

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