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Expert mental wellbeing support accessible anytime anywhere you need it

Expert therapists for all mental health needs
Online, In-Person or Live Chat

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We accept all major insurers including...
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Start your journey
to feeling better

In just a few clicks, you will be matched with the right therapist for you. Choose the best time, attend sessions online, through live chat or in-person.

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“We begin with an understanding of you and what you want to address, however large or small„
Dr Kate Robinson Chief Clinical Officer
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Personalised therapy with fixed, clear pricing
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Easy to use digital platform and app
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Accredited psychologists
and psychotherapists only
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Online, live chat or in person sessions
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Same day or next day appointments available
Find the highest quality psychologists and psychotherapists. Start today.

Expert therapy anytime, anywhere you need it

There are no technical hoops to jump through and no jargon.

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Online, in-person or live chat - at a time that works for you

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Start your journey when you want to. No referral or waiting times

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Personalised mental health materials through the app

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Expert support

The right therapist for you during and between sessions

We support you with any mental health need big or small

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Suffering (in crisis)

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Just surviving

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 Online evidence based therapy
 Online evidence based therapy
 Online evidence based therapy
Therapy video call
therapy notes and appointment time
 Online evidence based therapy

Find the right therapist with our clinically backed RightMatchTM process

Guided matching process developed by our Chief Clinical Officer

98% accuracy in finding the right therapists for you

Quick and efficient reducing the time taken to start therapy

 Online evidence based therapy

Alternatively, filter and search based on your requirements

Filter by therapy type, specialisation, duration, availability, format and more

All our therapists offer contemporary, evidence based therapies with outcome driven sessions

 Online evidence based therapy

Choose how and when you get therapy and book your session

Choose to have your session online, in-person or through live chat

Select your session duration and at the best time for you

Book and pay for your session - insurance accepted

Therapy video call

Confidential online therapy sessions

Secure end to end encrypted platform

Web and mobile experience through our app

Take notes and write down breakthroughs in session

therapy meeting time and notes

Track your progress and access resources

Take and revisit notes from your sessions

Set your therapy goals and track progress

Access resources and advice from your therapist

View upcoming and book future therapy sessions

Track therapy progress & set goals

Track therapy progress
& set goals

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Find the highest quality psychologists and psychotherapists. Start today.
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Confidential, accessible and secure

Leading psychologists & psychotherapists

100% evidence based care model

Track therapy progress & set goals

"Relationships, health, work, and stress levels have all improved so so much since I first came to you – thank you".
- Micky S
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Clear, fixed pricing across all therapies and therapists

30 min

Recommended for initial consultations and quick check-ins.

50 min

Ideal for ongoing therapy session work. This is our most popular option.

80 min

Our extended session is great for working more intensively with your therapist.

A handpicked, high impact team

All our team are:

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Clinical Psychologists and Psychotherapists

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On average 10+ years of clinical practice

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Focused on result-driven therapy

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Individuals who genuinely care

All therapists are accredited and trained to a minimum degree level of:
Dr Beth Stroyde
Clinical Psychologist
Low Mood, Bereavement, Physical Health
Dr Riddhi Prajapati
Clinical Psychologist
Stress, Self-Esteem, Identity
Joe Stone
Anxiety, Relationships, Emotional Coping
Dr. Beth Stroyde picture
Dr. Sonia Pace picture
Dr. Anna Pinto
Find the highest quality psychologists and psychotherapists. Start today.
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For Business

The all-in-one mental health platform for businesses – anyone, anytime, anywhere

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