Pay with PMI

Free mental health support through your company PMI

Pay with PMI

  • Employees and family covered by company PMI can benefit from Lumo at no cost

  • Full access to our complete mental health support and therapy sessions for free

  • All sessions costs will be paid by the insurer with no need to pay up front and reclaim

Expert therapists support your team’s mental health  

  • Evidence based and science backed therapy with experienced, professional therapists

  • We support the employee to make the changes they want through appropriate care and therapy

  • Gets your people back to being their happiest, best and most productive selves sooner

Active care encourages whole team engagement 

  • Preventative mental wellbeing approach for your whole team, not just those in need of therapy

  • Support across the complete mental health continuum from self care through to therapy

  • 65% employees use Lumo to stop mental health worries from escalating

Mental wellbeing through your preferred comms channel 

  • Easy to access mental health support through your everyday channels

  • Reduces barriers and increases employee engagement

  • Login through Slack or Teams to get the mental health support you need

Web and mobile app for enhanced engagement 

  • Web and mobile app delivers rich, tailored wellbeing experience for all employees

  • Confidential and secure space for therapy insulated from day to day business messaging  

  • Encourages employees to open up about mental health and engage with therapy

Cut out the queues with Lumo

  • Employee calls insurer to confirm cover, treatment pathway and any excess payable

  • Some insurers may require a GP referral, others are happy for you to self refer

  • When they’ve authorised treatment, login to Lumo, create an account and book a session

Boost your teams’ mental wellbeing today

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