Actionable Insights

Real time data to empower decision making

Real time mental health score across your business 

  • Easily accessible anonymised and aggregated data at whole business level

  • Empowers you to spot and solve tomorrow's mental health issues today

  • Puts your finger on the mental health pulse of your business

See the impact and plan next steps 

  • See a detailed view of how sessions are being used to improve mental health

  • Get valuable insights into the issues your teams are worried about

  • We’ll work with you to interpret the data and devise next steps to improve mental health

Comprehensive wellbeing assessments for employees and employers

  • A comprehensive suite of tools: trackers, in-depth assessments & surveys

  • Informs and guides individual and company wellbeing support and initiatives

  • Measures the impact and ROI of new wellbeing initiatives

Boost your teams’ mental wellbeing today

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