Lumo Assist

We make sure no-one goes unnoticed

Weekly check in with your whole teams’ wellbeing 

  • We check in to see how they’re feeling about wellbeing pillars affecting their work and home lives

  • Clinically validated questions build a comprehensive view of their wellbeing over time

  • Every employee can access easy to navigate visualisation of key wellbeing measures

We reach out to anyone who’s struggling 

  • Anyone whose score suggests they need support is immediately flagged 

  • We message them and guide them towards relevant resources and/or encourage to book a session

  • So you can be sure anyone who’s struggling doesn’t go unnoticed

Boost your teams’ mental wellbeing today

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View wellbeing scores
and benchmark 

  • Real time tracking of changes in key wellbeing measurements across your business

  • Helps you spot emerging wellbeing issues early and take action

  • Benchmark your team against other companies using Lumo for mental health support