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With My Therapy Assistant, you can say goodbye to long waiting lists or confusing comparisons. We’ll help you find the right kind of therapist for you, arrange your first session and start your journey sooner.

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Use our search and filter option to find the right therapist for you, or take a quick assessment for recommendations based on your needs.

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Choose when and how you want to do therapy

Select a time, date and session length that suits you, and choose whether to do your sessions in-person or online via video or live chat.

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Nurture change and start feeling better

Your therapist will create bespoke treatment sessions, all supported by our therapy-enhancing resources and accessed through our platform.

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Feel free to work your own way

My Therapy Assistant brings together video, chat, and in-person sessions, giving you greater flexibility. Choose to do online sessions one week and in-person sessions the next. You can create the right therapy journey to suit your availability and needs.

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Video Call

Speak to your therapist face-to-face online from home or wherever you choose

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Live Chat

For those who prefer to open up over text, choose to talk to your therapist over live chat

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In Person

Want to meet with your therapist in-person? Meet with your therapist at a location near you

How much does it cost?

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30 minuet setion price50 minuet setion price80 minuet setion price

Whichever therapist you choose to work with, you'll pay the same fee for sessions. So you can focus on how they work and their areas of expertise, not how they compare on price. You'll also gain access to carefully designed therapy resources to support your journey every step of the way. Once you've selected your therapist, you can choose to start with the traditional 50 minute session or one of our other two session lengths.

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There’s no wrong decision

feeling overwhelmed?

At My Therapy Assistant, we take a selective approach to inviting therapists to join us. Every one of our mental health professionals comes with accredited training in evidence-based therapies, at least three years’ experience after qualifying, and commitment to ongoing professional development.

Just as importantly, they all share our drive to reach more people and help you get the therapy or treatment you’re looking for. So they’re happy to hear from you and help you on your journey to finding the perfect match.

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