Building Mentally Healthy Businesses Roundtable Series 2023

26th July 2023
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At Lumo Health, we've been running virtual roundtables throughout 2023 for passionate People leaders on how to build "The Mentally Healthy Business" in today's world. Leaders have participated from a range of companies from growing start ups (such as Olio, Napo, ICE, XDesign) to multinationals (such as deVere Group, Virgin and Yum).

Whilst progress is being made, there are still many issues with workplace mental wellbeing. The focus of the roundtables has been to share what works and agree practical actions together to accelerate change across culture, leadership and managers, mental wellbeing support, working practices and policies.

We'll be sharing the findings from the roundtables during the first half of year very soon, with fresh insights, ideas, priorities for developing more resilient, mentally healthy businesses - created in collaboration with groups of People leaders.

If you are interested in participating in one of the next virtual roundtable sessions in September or October, please contact Dr Kate Robinson or Mirsad Mustovic.

Alternatively, please just complete your details in this form here.

Building Mentally Healthy Businesses Roundtable Series 2023
Clinical Director
Lumo Health team
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